Dave Squared Enterprises, LLC
Our #1 Goal, Exceed Your Expectations
Some of the comments we hear everyday from our clients:
"We hired a contractor, they took our down payment, and never returned to perform the work."
"We liked the people who did the estimate, but we never saw them again. We were uncomfortable with the people who actually performed the work."
"We have called several contractors and have not received any return phone calls."
"When they finally did show up to give us a bid, we never heard back from them."
"The contractor we settled on could not give a definitive start or finish time for our project."
"Everyone we spoke with didn't want to help because they said the job was too small."

Unlike many of our competitors, we are in this business because we want to be in this business. There is no greater satisfaction for our team than to recieve what we consider to be the greatest compliment from our clients; "We received more than we expected."

Exceeding expectations, this is our goal from our first phone call to our final handshake at the completetion of the project. And while we may not meet this objective 100% of the time, we will strive for this objective 100% of the time. Why do we work so hard:

Our business is stricktly referral. If we help make your project a success, you will refer us to friends and neighbors, as well as call us back for your next project.

The team that does the estimate is the team that does the work.

We have spent many years vetting our subcontractors so that you can have complete trust and confidence in the team that is in your home. A responsibility we DO NOT take lightly.

We strive for accuracy with the very first estimate. We ask the right questions, upfront, to avoid costly surprises once the project is underway.

Change orders can occur with any big project. The difference with our approach, change orders are for upgrades, not for things that we forgot!

We will not start concurrent jobs. We will finish your project before we start somewhere else.

Where Can We Help You; Around Town
Metro Coverage
Dave Squared Enterprises, LLC is licensed and bonded in both Oregon and Washington.

In Oregon, we work all the Tri County area from Wilsonville North, East to Rhododendron and West to Vernonia.

We also cover the Hwy 30 area from Portland West to Astoria.

In Washington, we work throughout the Vancouver Metro area, East to Camas, North to Kelso and West to Longview.

Where Can We Help You; Other Service Areas
Coastal Communities
Our area of coverage on the coast is primarily from Pacific City to Astoria.

Why go to the Coast? Simple, demand. If you own a home on the coast and have ever needed work done, does any of the following sound familiar:

Leave a meassage for a contractor regarding work and feel lucky to get a return phone call within a week?

Once you get a returned call, did they show up to look at the job?

Actually get someone committed only to hear that they can't start for 6 months?

If the project does get started, your contractor can't work during Hunting season, Fishing season, Etc., Etc.!!!

Call us, we will return your phone call.
Schedule an appointment, we will be there.
Normal lead time for project start, within 3 to 6 weeks.
We will schedule our breaks when the work is finished at your home.

We are Ready to Help
Full Service General Contractor
We are ready to provide you with the fully licensed/bonded/insured services that you need to make any project a success:

Experienced designers and engineers
New construction, additions, remodels, decks, fences and outdoor structures
Window and door installation
Seasoned electricians
Plumbing professsionals
Heating and A/C specialists
Professional roofing team
Interior walls and ceilings, wall board or lath and plaster
Custom concrete patios, walks , walls and foundations
Skilled masonry, brick and stone
Interior and exterior paint
Wrought iron gates and railings
Custom cabinetry
All manner of floor coverings, hardwood, carpet, linoleum, and more
Custom tile work
Counter tops, granite/marble/tile/concrete/formica
Millwork and trim

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